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November-December 2013



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Articles featured in this Farewell edition of Boston-Cambridge Alliance for Democracy Dispatch newsletter:

  • Community Notes
  • Some of Us Will Die - Christian Conspiracy in a Nazi World by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • The Sampson Complex - Don't Panic—Do a 20-Year Plan by Immanuel Wallerstein

  • Gaia Hypothesis - Mother Earth to Shift Course and Go On by Stephen Miller

  • A New, Radical Catholic Church? Liberation Theology Restored, Plus by Paul Vallely

  • Gandhi's Seventh Sin - "Worship Without Sacrifice" by Ignacio Castuera

  • Calling All Engineers - Re-engineer the Internet to Prevent Spying by Bruce Schneier

  • Provocative Art in NY Streets by Banksy

  • Editorial: Three 9/11s by Dave Lewit

  • Reader Commentary: Indict Real Traitors at NSA and FISA Court by William R. Nugent

  • Invited Commentary: The Prison-Industrial Complex - Changing a Self-Perpetuating System by Chuck Turner

  • Ireland—Exit Euro and Default! Adopt irish Banking, End ECB/IMF Leeching by Ellen Brown

  • Stop Girl-Cutting in Mali - BCA Is Sending $100, Can You Spare $15 by Susan McLucas

  • Secret TPP? Add Secret TAFTA! US-Euro Deal Bigger Than Pacific Deal by Colin Todhunter

  • Protesting Fukushima Re-Start - Business Suits Get Into the Street by Abby Zimet

  • PeePoo—A Toilet of One's Own - 2.6 Billion People Have No Bathroom by John Collins

  • Back to PreCambrian Era - After Our Folly, Jellyfish Are Taking Over, by Tim Flannery reviewing Lisa-ann Gershwin

  • Swiss Demand Minimum Income Law - Will Also Vote to Limit CEO Pay by Common Dreams Staff

  • Situation According to Ralph Nader by Cole Stangler

  • We Are Many by Pablo Neruda

  • United Attitudes of America - New Federation Brings Democracy At Last by Rave Lewit

  • "Capitalism Works For Me!" Vote: True? False? Explain. from

  • Don't Feed Cars—Feed People - Another Feature of a Post-Capitalist World by Janet Eaton

  • TPP Free Zones: We Will Not Obey! by Ruth Caplan

  • What's "Left" After the Dispatch, by Barbara Clancy