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Updated: 48 weeks 1 day ago

Texas Latinos Launch 100 Days of Resistance to Protect Sanctuary Cities

Mon, 2017/05/15 - 10:20
Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Taking aim at the new Texas law that bans sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, Latino activists on Monday are announcing the start of 100 days of organizing against SB4 that will include everything from voter drives to civil disobedience.

At a morning press conference outside the Austin mansion of Governor Greg Abbott, organizers with the Latino advocacy group Jolt announced the new campaign just over one week after Abbott, a Republican, signed the controversial bill into law.

As Trumpcare Targets Women's Health, GOP Mother's Day Hypocrisy Slammed

Sun, 2017/05/14 - 15:40
Jon Queally, staff writer

President Donald Trump wished "all of the great mothers out there" a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday, but voters from across the nation responded harshly to what they considered a hollow message from the Republican president who has proved repeatedly, both in word and in deed, that he is no friend to women's health and well-being.

Trump Impeachment Clock Ticks as Poll Shows Just 29% Approve of Comey Firing

Sun, 2017/05/14 - 13:46
Jon Queally, staff writer

"Arguably he's already obstructed justice and already violated the emoluments clause. I'm not saying we should impeach him now, I'm calling for an impeachment investigation."

Hundreds Gather at Trump Golf Course and Spell It Out: 'Resist!'

Sun, 2017/05/14 - 10:58
Common Dreams staff

With the national anti-Trump resistance movement continuing its fight against the White House and Republican agendas on all fronts, 200 members of a local Indivisible group in California on Saturday took their message to the  Trump National Golf Course in the town of Rancho Palos Verdes and aimed it at the sky: Resist!

With bodies folded against one another on a green near the course's clubhouse, the aerial shots are not likely to be included in the country club's brochure anytime soon.

#We: Trump Tweets One Word and the People's Internet Does the Rest

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 20:02
Common Dreams staff

"#We want a president that represents the interests of the people of American and the world, not just the ultra wealthy."

Fired and Smeared by Trump, Comey Wants to Talk Under Oath... and 'In Public'

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 13:41
Jon Queally, staff writer

The swirling doubt cast by Trump's troubling behavior is leading to more talk of impeachment by the day.

Michelle Obama Offers Great Question To Ask Trump: 'What Is Wrong With You?'

Sat, 2017/05/13 - 12:10
Jon Queally, staff writer

"If someone is doing that they don't care about your kid. And we need to demand everyone to care deeply about our kids."

Dangerous Trifecta of Crises as Yemen Hit With Cholera Outbreak

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 16:07
Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As if things couldn't get worse for those living in the besieged nation of Yemen, a cholera outbreak has reportedly killed more than 50 people and spread to thousands more since late April, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed on Thursday.

Experts Resign From EPA Subcommittee to Protest Trump's War on Science

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 16:01
Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Protesting the Trump administration's "continued obfuscation of scientific evidence and the research enterprise," two scientists resigned Friday from an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advisory subcommittee focused on public health and pollution.

NSA Tools, Built Despite Warnings, Used in Global Cyber Attack

Fri, 2017/05/12 - 15:42
Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Apparent National Security Agency (NSA) malware has been used in a global cyber-attack, including on British hospitals, in what whistleblower Edward Snowden described as the repercussion of the NSA's reckless decision to build the tools.

"Despite warnings, @NSAGov built dangerous attack tools that could target Western software. Today we see the cost," Snowden tweeted Friday.